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The consultative CV offers the choice of a face-to-face consultation. This format caters for clients with substantial information detailing additional remits. The additional information is expertly compiled and can be appended to the main body of the CV, as and when required by employers.

Our professional CV writers are available to handle any queries you may have on the Consultative CV format. Please forward your queries by email or phone.

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The Consultative Executive CV

Complex High Powered Consultative Profiling Incorporating High Volume Of Additional Information, Remits & Achievements

The Consultative CV format is for senior professionals who have additional specialist, quite often, technical information which needs to be presented in a certain manner. The main body of this CV presentation, as with our other Executive and Senior Executive CV formats, consists of three to four pages, comprising clients' key achievements, relevant skills and details of tenures / positions undertaken.

Analysis & Professional Compilation Of Additional Remits

In addition to the the main body, the Consultative CV features additional pages with further details of a factual nature.

For instance, a senior medical consultant might have undertaken remits in auditing, management, teaching or comprehensive research into particular subjects. Or, a senior architect might wish to highlight large-scale corporate projects. It is futile to attempt editing this type of additional information to fit into the main body of the CV. Firstly, detail becomes disjointed, especially with the use of long, complex technical phrases. Secondly, even if you insert detail into the main body of the CV, the document will become far too lengthy; and you run the risk of immediate elimination if the potential employer is not interested in that much detail.

A Flexible Approach For Targeting Employers

Your chances of selection are far better when you separate high volume of information from the main body of your CV. This offers a more flexible way of targeting employers, depending on their requirements. If an employer requests main achievements / professional career, you submit the main CV. If, however, as in many cases where clients are seeking top positions and selection is dependent on far more information, the employer requests elaboration, then you submit the CV and append the additional pages. Employers most likely, will expect you to submit this type of CV and you enhance your chances of selection by presenting a well-edited, professionally written document detailing all your remits and achievements in a meticulous and factual manner.

Who Should Opt For The Consultative CV?

The Consultative CV is ideal for:

1. Medical Personnel

Senior medical personnel with more than 20 years' experience in the field, seeking to expand on remits other than clinical practice.

2. IT professionals & Project Managers

Senior IT professionals and IT project managers seeking to create additional pages detailing diverse range of technical skills or major projects undertaken.

3. Architects

Architects who wish to expound on their career detailing projects undertaken with visual / written information.

4. Academics

Academics in all disciplines seeking to expound on their career detailing research material, publications and related information.

5. Senior Management Executives

Senior managers and executives who have initiated / developed multi-tiered business development strategies, registering significant results.

6. Senior Engineers & Other Senior Technical Personnel

Senior engineering and other experienced technical personnel, including those with project management skills seeking to expound on diverse range of technical skills and/or major projects undertaken/managed.

7. Other Professionals

Experienced professionals in other disciplines who might have carried out specific remits and wish to elaborate on these for maximum effect.

Option Of Face-to-Face Personal Consultation

Once you place an order, an expert from our team may contact you by telephone for clarifications, no matter your location in the world, ensuring an optimised individually tailored power CV that will work for you. You also have the option of visiting our spacious offices overlooking the Thames for a face-to-face personal consultation at no extra charge. There are no time limits with these appointments. The interview conludes only after we are have obtained all vital information necessary for your CV.

Catering For Our Clients' Needs

We at Professional CV Services realise the importance of ensuring the Consultative CV meets the needs of senior professionals from all industry sectors. To this end, we have appointed highly experienced consultants, initially recruited from industries such as the media, law, finance and management. They now have more than 25 years' experience within recruitment. All our staff possess expert interviewing skills, having conducted numerous interviews with clients, including high profile individuals. In addition, all of our staff possess expertise in graphic design and presentation / layout to meet the current trend in UK CV compilation and presentation. Indeed, we have in the past initiated a Key Skills presentational style which was later widely adopted in the UK.

To purchase a Consultative CV, please view our price list and fill the secure order form here. You can paste your old CV by following the instructions in the form.

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