Useful cover letter tips with help on making correct salutations. Also features other important cover letter writing tips, highlighting important conventions to adhere for effective well written letters that will get your CV noticed.

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Cover Letter Writing Tips

Essential help and useful tips for improving the impact and effectiveness of your cover letter

A Cover Letter is usually typed, unless the employer explicitly states a preference for a hand-written letter. It usually comprises about three paragraphs and you should write it formally with language you have used on your CV.

An important cover letter writing tip to remember is this: do not re-iterate your CV. The information contained in your CV will be evidence of your skills. Always concentrate on the specifications of the advertisement and mention that you possess these skills.

Basic rules of salutations

Another important cover letter tip to follow, is always address the letter to the person dealing with the application. If you have any ambiguities about their name, title or position in the company, you should telephone to obtain the correct information. If you begin your letter with "Dear Mr Jenkins" you should end it with Yours sincerely. If for some reason you were unable to obtain the person's name, begin your letter with "Dear Sir" or "Dear Madam" and end the letter with Yours faithfully.

If the person you are addressing your letter is a woman, be sure the title in your letter matches her marital status! If unsure, simply claify the matter with the company or the lady in question by telephone.

Below is a summary of this cover letter help guide. Try to adopt these important conventions when writing your own letters:


Always contain the letter in one A4 sheet of paper


Always write your cover letter using information from the first page of your CV


Always include your own address / contact details at the top of the letter


Always write the name, correct title and position of the person dealing with the application and never shorten first names


Make sure you include the reference number of the vacancy if it appeared in the job advert


Remember to mention where you saw the vacancy advertised


Always use crisp, concise language, even though you write in the first person


Begin to explain your main selling point early on - example: "As you can see from my CV, I am currently working for ABC Limited as Senior Project Manager. In this capacity I am respnsible for scheduling and managing contracts...."


Sound upbeat and enthusiastic about working for the company


Always print your letter on quality paper, unless if the employer requested that you handwrite the document

A badly written or long winded letter invariably end up in the bin, along with its accompanying CV, without even being read fully. We can write your cover letter professionally and effectively, with persuasive impact, giving you a vital edge.

cover letter writing tips and help guide

Write The Letter In No More Than 3 or 4 Paragraphs

When Writing Your Letter Use Information From Your CV

Include Full Contact Details In Your Letters

Address Recipients Formally In Your Letters

Type Or Print Your Letter On Quality Paper

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