CV Writing Tips
We explain how to write a CV. This CV help guide features a checklist of essential tips and directives intended to ensure you have a thorough understandin on how to write a CV the correct way.

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How To Write A CV

CV help guide and essential checklist

Before you print your CV, you must appraise it critically before the prospective employer. These tips on how to write a CV include the main points to consider and they include common mistakes people make; as well as less obvious pitfalls.

The Essentials


Does your name appear clearly written and correctly spelt at the top of the page?


Have you written your full residential address including the postcode, contact phone number and email address correctly?


If you are including phone numbers, have you stated the ISD codes?


If you are including your email address, have you checked it?


Are your work details accurate, in chronological order and stated in crisp, clear language?


Have you tailored your skills, qualifications and experience to the particular job vacancy you are seeking?

The Presentation


Is the type face professional and presentable?


Are your tabs aligned properly?


Is the document well laid out and easy to follow with neat evenly spaced line separations?


Is the printing paper of the highest quality?

The Final Review


Have you checked if all the information are correct and can you substantiate them?


Have you proofread the entire document and double-checked the spelling and grammar?


Do you sound assertive and positive?


Finally, look at your work with a critcal and impersonal eye and see if it grabs your attention. Try to view it from the employer's standpoint.

If you have answered yes to all of these critical appraisals, then you are ready to save and print the final document.

If the answer is no then you should not settle for less with your CV - help is available with our expert award winning CV writing service. By completing our online order form, we will write your CV professionally and effectively for you.

checklist and help with cv

Check Your Personal Details For Errors

Check Your Career History Details For Errors Or Omissions

Tailor Relevant Skills And Qualifications To The Job Vacancy

Check Your Presentation For Neatness And Professionalism

Can You Substantiate All Information In Your CV?

Have You Appraised The Finished Resume Critically?

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