Informative CV writing guide covering important dos and donts on writing a CV effectively. Also includes a useful checklist and tips on how to write effective cover letters. We also provide a range of excellent tutorial manuals featuring detailed resume case studies. Ideal for creating effective, well written curriculum vitae of your own.

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CV Writing Guide

Tips on the do's and don'ts of CV writing

This guide includes useful advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of your own CV if you intend to write it yourself.

The CV dos page covers the most important requirements for writing a CV that grabs the reader's attention from the onset. They include the format and font styles for saving your work, along with relevant skills, "third person" narrative, inclusion of a cover letter etc.

The CV donts section covers the important pitfalls to avoid when writing your resume. These include presentation issues such as borders, fonts and choice of colouring. We also cover the importance of not fabricating documents with information which cannot be substantiated.

The CV writing guide also includes a CV checklist. When writing a CV, you should always check your work for errors including obvious and less obvious ones. Other than formal errors, there are other issues you should be aware which can effct the impact of your resume. Does your finished document sound assertive and positive? Is the document well laid out and easy to follow with sufficient white spacing?

Without an accompanying cover letter, your curriculum vita will carry less persuasive impact, and that is if it is picked up and read in the first place! Cover letters help to get their accompanying CVs noticed. The cover letter tips section provides all the tips and advice you need for writing your own cover letters.

Finally, we conclude with a useful section featuring answers to commonly asked CV writing faqs which we hope you will find helpful.

This useful section will help make you a better resume writer, if you have the inclination and time to compile your own documents. For further assistance, we have available on this site, our unique CV writing tutorial manuals collection, written using detailed case studies for each of the main resume styles. Each case study includes rough and finished versions, accompanied with a cover letter, with full explanation on what and how much information to add in the letter.

cv writing guide and advice

Main Conventions Of CV Writing

Main Pitfalls To Avoid

Dont Forget The CV Checklist

Tips On How To Write Effective Cover Letters

Plus Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Resumes

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