Recruitment Packs Explained
Job application form tips on recruitment packs. This guide features UK recruitment packs which accompany job application forms. Comprehensive explanation of what they comprise and why they are included in form packages. This section also covers other job application form tips.

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Job Application Form Tips -
Recruitment Packs

More tips on job application forms explaining recruitment packs, which are important documents accompanying forms

Recruitment packs are the documents which accompany job application forms in the UK. They can be quite voluminous and many of our clients have often expressed surprise and concern at the sheer volume of paperwork they comprise. Faced with this daunting volume of paperwork and without proper guidance, people sometimes even decide not to apply.

Employers have to adhere to recruitment and selection procedures set by both legislation and custom. So, when you grasp a basic understanding of the key elements to recruitment packs, they become far less daunting and intimidating than before!

The Application Form

These consist of various sections which you are required to complete fully. Standard sections are: Education / Training; Work History; Additional Technical or Vocational Information; Additional Information; References and Declarations which you must sign and date. More than likely, government agencies such as the Probation Service, will ask you to cite specific examples. Questions such as: "Please illustrate your commitment to valuing diversity and cite an instance in which you did so, in no more than 150 words". So you will have to think about your answer rather than writing information taken from your prepared CV.

The Job Description (JD)

The JD provides information on duties you will be required to undertake in the position. Job descriptions vary significantly in length, and quite often adopts formal language which some people might find disconcerting. However, careful examination of the details will allow you to understand the remits when you read them carefully. The JD is usually the same one you will receive with your contract once you are appointed, unless by mutual agreement at or after the interview, alterations are made to suit your circumstances.

The Person Specification "Person Spec"

This is another document which some people may find daunting! Yet, you must read the "person spec" carefully, making sure you know what the "Essential Criteria" are. These are normally signified by a single letter "E". There is also a coded "Desirable Criteria". You do not have to possess these criteria, but if you do, make sure you put them in your application form. They will become advantageous.

Equal Opportunity Monitoring Forms

These are usually one-page documents which require details of ethnicity, age, number of dependents etc. The form is a legal requirement for public and community sector organisations, as well as large corporations with quality standards policies. Sometimes the employer makes it optional for you to fill the form. Where it is mandatory, you have to do so, or you risk being eliminated for non compliance in the application process.

Other Forms

Some employers require you to complete forms declaring your state of health, any previous criminal convictions, and your commitment to Equal Opportunities or Confidentiality policies if you are appointed. These forms are sent with the application forms to avoid delay after a successful interview.

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