Importance of taking a career test. An employer will seek information from you through a career aptitude test. You can help guide your future employment with our fifteen minute online myDISCprofile career assessment test.

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Career Aptitude & CVs For Dummies

Guide on career aptitude tests and personality assessments, along with their importance for matching careers with job seekers' individual personalities and aptitudes.

Jobseekers are often required to undertake both personality tests along with aptitude tests. The former, as previously mentioned elsewhere in this section, measure personality traits, interests and motivations in relation to suitable vacancies. The latter are designed to assess candidates' ability to perform a particular type of work.

Career Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are used to measure intelligence and skills (including acquired and natural) in the following main areas:

  • verbal reasoning
  • numerical reasoning
  • spatial reasoning

Employers are particularly keen to gauge candidates ability to learn new skills within particular disciplines such as computer programming and law. Consequently, these tests are often designed for that purpose and there are variations in tests, depending on the type of job one is being tested.

An aptitude test will help you identify areas in which you have a natural flair and talent. In the workplace, people perform better, are more fulfilled and creative within careers in which they apply their natural talents, aptitudes and personalities.

Preparing For An Aptitude Test

To ensure you perform at your best, it is advisable to revise your basic maths and numeracy; and practise taking tests to improve your technique. The SHL Direct career resource organization provides practise questions on verbal, numeracy and spatial tests.

You can also request for test examples from employers or visit their websites to download sample tests.

During the test,

  • make sure you understand the instructions fully
  • answer questions quickly and accurately
  • don't spend too much time on any particular question

You will not be penalized if you dont answer all the questions because. The test only form part of a wider range of criteria in the recruitment and selection process.

Why Are CVs For Dummies Important?

There are several personality tests available, including the Myers-Briggs system and the internationally recognized and popular myDISCprofile personality test which takes fifteen minutes to complete and is available on this site.

Taking a career aptitude test can help match your motivations, skills, talents and core beliefs with an appropriate career which draws on those elements virtuously without conflict.

More than half the workforce are in jobs in which they find little fulfilment and satisfaction. This sounds astonishing but is indeed quite true. Surely though, an economy with the majority of its workforce unhappy in their jobs cannot reach its optimum peak under those conditions. For an individual, a satisfying career forms one of the most important and pivotal elements necessary for personal wellbeing and without it, lies a potential source of instability in one's life. Needless to say, therefore, it pays to pay serious attention to one's personal needs and matching those needs within appropriate careers and jobs.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Taking A Personality Test?

Tests help to identify and explore people's inner motivations, personal interests and strengths. They also help identify interests, matching core personality traits to jobs. They also show preferred work styles and can help determine your ideal field, whether analytical, public relations or get-up-and-go occupation.

By matching careers with individual traits and interests, tests help turn work into a passion rather than a boring and uninspiring drudge.

Where Can I Take A Personality Test?

Our online psychometric test uses behavioural profiling tools designed to assist candidates understand more about themselves and the roles for which they are most suited.

People whose core personalities and strengths are in tune with their careers are more fulfilled and tend to excel more. Discover your ideal work style with the popular online 15 minute myDISCprofile  personality test.

online mydiscprofile career assessment test

Career aptitude tests are an unavoidable modern day reality for career advancement

Widely used by the vast majority of employment and recruitment firms

Employers use tests for matching candidates with job vacancies

The benefits of career assessment tests are immeasurable

Discover your unique individual identity with the online
15 minute myDISCprofile psychometric assessment available on this site

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