Before entering a new career, you should firstly undergo a mental career assessment test of your true needs by asking yourself deep questions of what you want not just from a career but from life in general.

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Career Assessment

Any meaningful career assessment ought to begin from first principles with critical self introspective analysis

Assessing Your Current Situation

Effective assessment of a career ought to be based on the criteria, needs and goals you first established for yourself during
self introspection. As previously mentioned, a career ought to provide an outlet for you to express your personality, skills and talents in a way that brings meaning to your life, along with fulfilment, job satisfaction and self esteem.

So a career is really a mirror that reflects a systematic and cordinated framework of your innermost needs, aspirations and goals. Through self introspection, you ought to know clearly at all times just what these needs, aspirations and goals are. This makes it easier for you to assess if your goals are being met in your current employment.

If you have not gone through self introspection, it's never too late, you can still do so at this stage, while pondering on your present situation. Whatever, the case, self introspection makes career assessment easier and meaningful.

So how do you begin to make critical assessments on your needs and direction in life? Simply by addressing important questions you originally asked yourself during self analysis in the past. These would have been the same questions which you previously had answers for when you decided upon your present career. These questions should address fundamental issues about who you are, what you want and how you intend to fulfill those needs professionally. Here is a list of typical questions including some afterthoughts :

  • what type of person am I?
  • what is my ideal work environment?
  • does my personality match this career?
  • do I have a driving passion to fulfill in my life through work?
  • can this passion be channelled in this career
  • what are my natural talents?
  • what are my personal skills?
  • what are my professional skills?
  • can I fully deploy my talents and skills within this career?
  • what key elements of job satisfaction are important to me?
  • what do I want to achieve primarily in this career
  • what are my secondary goals?
  • what type of employer best suit my needs?
  • what career progression do I envisage in this career

People whose core personalities and strengths are in tune with their careers are more fulfilled and tend to excel more. Discover your ideal work style with the popular online 15 minute myDISCprofile  personality test.

career assessment test available online

Start assessing with critical examination of your core aspirations, motivations and needs

Ask yourself how much of your needs are currently being fulfilled

A career that really match your peronality and core needs ought to be viewed as a hobby

You ought to be aware of your strengths and main aspects of your personlity. Career assessment tools can help identify these strengths and your core persona

Aim to assess how your strengths and persona can be deployed within a career of your choice

Aim to cultivate awareness of what makes you tick as a person and channel your energies accordingly in fulfilling work

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