Features fundamental topic of self analysis (self introspection) which forms the basis for any successful career development plan. Main benefits include alignment towards ideal careers and fulfilling jobs.

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Career Development Through Self Introspection

A continuous process of self introspection is a prerequisite for your career development plans

Successful People Usually Know What They Want Out Of Life

Being in touch with one's inner self and true aspirations is a major cornerstone for career development and fulfilment, both in work and in one's private life. Successful people know their strengths and what they want out of life. Equally important is the fact that they also know what they don't want in their lives, and they almost always have a driving passion to channel their energies, bringing meaning, purpose and fulfilment to their lives.

We all have a vast mental and spiritual resevoir deep within our inner mind. Moments of inspiration, genius and creativity often come from deep within the self. Our true feelings also reside deep within the self along with natural talents and we are at our best when fully in touch with our inner selves and drawing from our natural talents.

Self Introspection Helps You Make Right Choices

Self introspection essentially is a lifelong process of discovery, re-discovery and planning that requires nothing more than a little time in which to catch up with oneself, meditate and reflect on one's direction in life. Any career development plan without serious self analysis will at some point go off track.

Knowing who you are and being in touch with your needs both in your personal life and in work is vital for well being. It is also necessary for developing plans and career strategies. Getting the things you need is only possible when you have identified those needs. Self introspection not only makes for a more balanced individual, it also provides tramendous advantages in making right choices, both in work and in our private lives.

People whose core personalities and strengths are in tune with their careers are more fulfilled and tend to excel more. Discover your ideal work style with the popular online 15 minute myDISCprofile  personality test.

long term career development plan is vital for fulfilment

A career development plan should identify your innermost needs.

By identifying your core values and needs, you can make meaningful plans.

Lack of self analysis causes job dissatisfaction.

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