Important information on career salaries. We explain how to conduct a career salary rise with your employer. Essentially ased on the art of diplomacy and negotiation skills.

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Career Salaries

Tips on career salaries and how to negotiate a rise in salary

You are entitled in your job if you feel justified to ask for a salary review at any time. Two out of three people in jobs have never asked for a pay rise but if you feel you deserve a rise in wages don't hesitate to ask. Employment research shows over 70% of those who ask for a rise in career salaries get it !!

But requesting for a pay rise requires a certain etiquette and protocol. You should adopt a polite, professional and mature manner when asserting your case with your boss. Above all, avoid any negative feelings, anger or bitterness.

Begin by researching the career salary average for your field ( online salary calculators provide accurate ranges) and follow it up by documenting your successes and achievements, including any other relevant remit such as increased workload. When you have prepared your case, ask your boss for a private meeting (avoid disclosing your business with colleagues as this may cause jealousy or even enmity within the work place).

At the meeting, remind your boss the achievements and benefits you have brought to the company in a polite, professional and positive manner. Begin with something along the lines "I am happy in my job and with the company.... However, I would appreciate a rise in pay in view of (mention your achievements, increased workload, new baby etc)...". You should not feel embarrased or awkward because you are seeking value for money!

Your boss will most likely already be aware of all the positives you highlighted and be willing to increase your pay in order to retain your valued service. The matter of how much increased pay you receive can be resolved in a mutually realistic compromise. If they are unable to increase pay to your satisfaction, consider improvement in other areas such as pension, holiday, health, travel allowance, flexi-time and share option benefits.

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career salaries and career negotiation tips

Do not hesitate to ask for a pay rise if you feel justified

Check your industry avaerage pay

Prepare your case before asking for a meeting with your boss

Use diplomacy and tact during negotiations

Argue your case highlighting your record, workload and responsibilities

The vast majority of those seeking a rise get it

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