Important information on conducting effective career search. Includes resources with listings of extensive career descriptions and help on latest career issues, for both students and experienced professionals.

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Career Search & Descriptions

Information on resources offering detailed career descriptions and searching in the UK

First, Ensure Your Personality Is Aligned Towards Your Chosen Careers

Effective career search ought to begin with critical assessment of careers which are of interest to you. These potential employment fields have to match your core interests, key motivations and general personality. There are personality tests available for helping people make the right decisions including the popular myDISCprofile personality test which is available on this site.

Proper career search requires not only patience but also a systematic and methodical approach to self analysis, information gathering and critical job description appraisals.

So, having identified jobs that are of interest to you and which broadly match your personality, the next step of your career search should begin with careful examination of detailed career descriptions of relevant occupational fields.

There are a number of excellent UK resources which offer extensive searching of detailed career descriptions and comprehensive advice on employment related issues. Here, we highlight two of the main UK graduate portals which offer a wealth of impartial information on a broad range of jobs, along with information about employers and current vacancies.


Prospects.ac.uk provides exhaustive information on all matters relating to careers and employment, with detailed information on the current state of major job sectors in the UK, plus essential advice on how to break into them. This website offers essential reading for people already in employment who wish to change direction, as well as graduates.

For those not sure where to start, the site offers advice on choosing a new line of occupation with a section on jobs related to graduate and other qualifications. It also provides an online test using the Prospect Planner to search the type of jobs that might suit you. The Prospect Planner allows you to answer questions about your skills and the important things you want from a job and and then suggests fields that might be suitable for you.

The site also provides a comprehensive database of 400 job descriptions, including typical work activities along with actual job remits. You can also search an employer database online along with current graduate job vacancies.


This excellent site also provides comprehensive graduate employment advice and career searching features. With a user-friendly layout, you can search a database of 300 leading graduate employers by occupation, job description and location. You can also search for employers offering work experience placements and internships using the site's useful Placement Search engine.

Like Prospects, Hobsons have an enviable database of information on job descriptions covering a wide range of industries, often with details of the main employers; and also carries a useful section on current graduate vacancies.

So When I Have Identified A Particular field What Next?

Even when you have identified a field that meets your core values and beliefs along with the other criteria you set for yourself, you will still need to deploy other sets of vital skills to land your dream job. As with career searching, you will need to be systematic and methodical in your job searching in order to secure your dream job.

  • effective CV (resume) preparation
  • dealing with application forms professionally
  • effective job searching and networking
  • dealing with interviews

Professional CV Services offers expert services, workshops and free online advice on the above areas, all of which are vital for employment success.

People whose core personalities and strengths are in tune with their careers are more fulfilled and tend to excel more. Discover your ideal work style with the popular online 15 minute myDISCprofile  personality test.

career search and job descriptions

Before you begin searching, think through carefully areas of interest

You ought to take a psychometric test for matching your personality with potential lines of work

Shortlist job descriptions of interest and critically assess them before making any decisions

Follow up with concerted job searching and begin researching potential employers

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