Job Hunting Advice - The don'ts
More on our section on useful job hunting tips. Focuses on the imprtant pitfalls to avoid when job searching in the UK. For further information on job hunting tips, see our career workshop section which offers in-house seminars on effective job hunting techniques.

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Job Hunting Pitfalls

Tips and advice on the main pitfalls (i.e the don'ts) when seeking suitable vacancies

Hunting for a job is hard work. Locating a suitable vacancy using the various channels explained in this section requires determination, persistence, planning and organisation, all in equal measure. One of the biggest problems in job hunting is having to deal with rejection in an objective and positive manner. Try to avoid self pity which in turn may lead to complacency or even worse still, despondency. The reality of a competitive recruitment process is that 500 people may apply for vacancies in, for example, a company's graduate recruitment drive, resulting in perhaps 40 interviews leading to only 10 of the original positions being filled.

The law of averages means that the vast majority of candidates will at some point fail in a particular job application. However, the same law of averages will ensure a successful application if you persist, organize and search effectively. Needless to say, the main enemies of a successful job hunt are negative self pity, frustration, complacency and indeed despondency. Never say to yourself
"I probably wont get that job" because if you do, you'll probably only try half heartedly.

Needless to say, you should avoid adopting a disorganized approach to your work at all times. The details of all your responses to advertised vacancies, your networking and company research ought to be readily available when you come to update or review vital information.

Apart from these obvious tendencies, there are other every day job hunting pitfalls you should also be careful to avoid:-


Never send original copies of your documentary evidence with your application. There is a chance that the documents might be lost in the post. Retain original copies for the interview.


Never refer to any information in your application that cannot be substantiated by evidence. Some people are tempted to fabricate employment details to fill gaps in their CVs. There is no need to painstakingly attempt to cover less than six months’ unemployment as employers understand how fickle today's labour market is.


Never submit an application after the closing date. Employers have their own reasons for stipulating closing dates on their advertisements and you will be wasting your time.

job hunting advice on pitfalls to avoid

Never give up in your job search

Never send original documents when applying for vacancies

Never give information you cannot substantiate at a later date

Never submit applications after their closing dates

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