Useful advice on graduate job search. UK graduate questions answered fully as part of our job searching tips section. For further job search advice, see our career workshops section which includes one day seminars on job searching techniques for jobs in the UK.

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Graduate Job Search Faqs

Answers to commonly asked questions from graduates

What is the broad definition of a recent graduate?
A "recent graduate" is usually defined as someone who has completed a first degree or post-graduate degree within the last two years. So you are still defined as a "recent graduate" if you have achieved a Master's Degree or PhD. within the last two years.

What if I am a recent graduate in one field and seek employment in another?
Many graduates shift career emphases after they graduate because of varied reasons. Are you applying for a field which is relevant to the one you studied for? Or are you applying to a completely different field? Either way, you should target your CV or application form by highlighting those studies you believe might be useful to the job you seek. You may also list your "key modules" if these incorporate topics you believe are relevant to the position. If your studies bear no relevance to the job, simply list the title of the degree and somewhere in your application, you state reasons you are applying.

What if I am recent graduate and have only worked during summer breaks?
Many recent graduates undertake ad hoc, temporary employment which bears absolutely no relevance to their studies! If you have worked within your chosen career, give full details of your duties. If you graduated in Anthropology and wish to pursue a career as a lecturer, but have worked as a bar tender, highlight your key modules, details of your thesis etc. in your CV or application form, and simply state your job title.

What if I am a recent graduate and have never worked before in any field?
Think about your extra-mural activities during undergraduate studies. Were you appointed a Students' Representative or Peer Councillor? Did you assist in planning a major social event or worked in a team on a final project?

What if I am a recent post-graduate in one field but wish to seek employment in the field I achieved my first degree, over two years ago?
How relevant is your Master's or PhD to the job you are applying for? If there is some relevance, you should summarise your thesis but not in too much detail. When you write about your first degree, give details as to the key modules which are relevant to the job.

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