Job Search - UK Networking & Connection Building
Help and advice on effective job search in the UK using established and well maintained networks of friends and work colleagues. Shows how to find unadvertised jobs, of which there are a vast number in the UK, using established and updated connections.

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Job Search In The UK By Networking

Important guide to effective job search via networking for unadvertised jobs

A substantial part of job search in the UK involve jobs that have not been formerly advertise by employers. This is an established form of recruitment in Britain which not all job seekers are fully aware. Two out of every three jobs in the uk are filled without the need for formal advertising, representing a staggering 70% of all vacancies. These hidden vacancies are filled largely through two main avenues in the UK recruitment industry. The first is through networking i.e by word of mouth and personal recommendations.

The second avenue through which non advertised job vacancies are filled involve graduate recruitments in universities. It should also be noted that many large retail outlets such as supermarkets and DIY stores also fill vacancies merely by posting them on notice boards within their premises.

What Exactly Is Networking?

Networking involves the development and maintenance of a network of useful connections, including friends, family, work colleagues, acquaintances and indeed, virtually anybody with whom you may previously and currently have come into contact within your work and professional life.

Purpose Of Networking

The ultimate aim of effective networking is to arrive at a position in which one readily and regularly come to hear of news and developments within companies. The information may involve news of impending job creations through expansions or take-overs, promotions, head hunting or internal restructuring.

Oftentimes, companies will specially create a post for the right professional or specialist. Naturally, being armed with prior forewarning gives one a head start and quite often in these situations, competition for vacancies are far less intense than for advertised vacancies. Indeed, it is not uncommon if there are just a few or only one candidate for a vacancy.

How To Network Effectively

Developing a network involves accurate record keeping of details of your contacts including names, company information, news and developments along with dates. Ideally your records should be kept on a personal filing system or suitable software for easy updates and retrieval of information. Developing and maintaining your network ought to be on an ongoing basis, not just when you are looking for a new job and you will need to be thorough, systematic and methodical in your approach.

Networking is nothing but a social activity in many ways, afterall, you are interacting with other human beings i.e your contacts. So, gathering and updating the latest developments on a regular basis either by phone or face to face will require good social skills and an outgoing personality. Remember, maintaining a network is just a way of maintaining a network of friends, each willing and ready to help one another.

Eventually though, as your network develops, you will become regularly informed of news on available job vacancies that are not advertised, along with related company news, all coming through your network.

job searching advice on benefits of networking

Build on a network of people within your industry

Make regular contact with your networks

Find out latest developments with your contacts

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