UK job search tips and advice focusing on answers to typical problems encountered by experienced professionals in the UK. We also cover over UK job search issues elsewhere in tis section on job searching. For further help on jobs and job searching, see our career workshop section which deals with all matters relating to employment.

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Answers to frequently asked job searching questions from experienced professionals

What if I am returning to the labour market after numerous years of nurturing children?
The term "Returner to Work" is usually used for people who have suspended full-time employment to raise families who then decide to seek employment after a number of years. You should give details of any voluntary or part-time work you undertook during the years you were raising your family. For instance, did you become involved in voluntary work, perhaps as a Committee member of a community sector / charity organisation? Did you volunteer as a Teacher's Assistant or a Governor in your children's school?

What if I have not worked within the field I am applying for?
You should target your CV or application form by highlighting the "transferable skills" you amassed in your previous employment. If you have not had skills relevant to the job, simply list your duties.

What about my references if I have worked abroad?
The employer will request details of two referees, as normal. If you have already received official references from your previous employers, you should supply these. Remember to inform the employer that you have original copies of these references. This might hasten your appointment if the employer is willing to use them rather than seeking an updated one.

What if I am retired in one field and wish to take employment in another?
Many retired citizens seek part-time employment after solid careers in particular industries. You should analyse the skills you have amassed, decide what type of job you wish, and target your CV or application form accordingly. For instance, if you seek employment as a freelance consultant within your career environment, you must give full details of your employment history, senior positions you have undertaken, and professional qualifications. If on the other hand, you want to take up jobs which are less stressful, you should briefly summarise your details and not target the document to any specific industry.

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