Job Searching With Speculative Letters
More useful Uk job search advice and help on effective techniques for finding and securing jobs. Covers effective speculative cover letter writing. For more information on job searching, please see our career workshop section which includes in-house seminars on effective job searching.

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Job Search With Cover Letters

Job search tips on effective searching using speculative cover letters

Writing speculative letters to potential employers is a proven and effective way of hunting for a job. If it is done properly and consistently, you will be called in for an interview; and do not be surprised if you later find there were few or no other candidates !

A speculative letter can be in response to news of a job you have heard about on the grapevine through your networking. Alternatively, it can be used as part of a targeted campaign on your part, on a select number of companies.

Either way, before you write your letter, you should first research the company you are targeting. Obviously, the type of job you are seeking should be in line with one that the company is likely to offer. Moreover, by the time you write a letter you should already have decided on positive aspects of the company that meet your own career aspirations. By doing this, you will in turn, know how best you can benefit the comapany. This, afterall, should be the main gist of your letter.

By writing a good speculative letter, you are displaying initiative, a major quality all employers look for. If you know an employee of the company, mention their name and if the named person happens to have recommended you through networking, then all the better. Similarly, briefly mention any news or information about the company gathered through research or networking which you can use to good effect; with emphasis on how you can benefit the company.

Speculative Letter Protocol

When you are ready to write your speculative letter, try to follow the following protocol:


Place your name, address, date and full contact details on the top right hand corner of an A4 size page


Check the correct name, title and position of the person dealing with recruitment. If in doubt, telephone the company.


Place the name, title and position of the person you are addressing, along with the company's full address below your own address, but on the left side of the page


Briefly explain the prospective job you are seeking


Briefly explain how and why you are suitable for the job


Tailor the letter and the accompanying CV with your skills, experience and achievements with relevance to the job


You must sound upbeat and show enthusiasm towards working for the company


Keep track of documents despatched. If after a week you have not heard from the company, phone the person whom you addressed the letter


Finally, your letter should consist of 4 - 5 paragraphs. Remember, employers are busy people

uk job searching advice about speculative letters

Writing to employers on spec is a good and often overlooked way of securing jobs

Follow the important protocols of letter writing

Keep a record of letters sent to employers

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