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Help and advice on effective methods of job search. UK resources fully explored. For consultative help with uk job searching, see our workshops section which includes professional seminars on how to conduct effective job searching and research, vital for career progression.

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UK Job Search

Tips and advice on how to conduct effective job search in the UK

This section explains effective ways of searching for jobs in the UK. There are two types of jobs, those that are advertised which represent 30% of all jobs and those that are not advertised. These account for 2 out of every 3 jobs in the UK.

Many people spend a lot of their time chasing the 30% of jobs that are advertised. While you should look at all avenues in hunting for a job, you should not focus all of your time on the 30% that are advertised. This can result in too many people chasing too few jobs, resulting in stiffer competition right across the board.

We take a look at newspapers and specialist publications as good sources of advertised vacancies. We also take a look at online job searching on the internet as another rich source for advertised jobs.

You must at all times remember that the majority of jobs in the UK are filled without the need for formal advertisement. If you overlook this, it could limit your chances of landing a satisfactory vacancy. We show you how to develop networking contacts and how to approach companies speculatively for jobs that are not advertised. This approach, if sustained, can land you an interview and a job, either with little or no competition.

Whether or not you are seeking an advertised vacancy or one that has not been advertised, you should research the company primarily to assess if it offers the job prospects you are seeking. likewise, by researching the company you will be in a position to assess just how you can benefit the company, a likely interview topic.

Another important aspect in job hunting is to post your CV to an online CV banks or CV distribution sites. This service is free and is an indispensable asset in effective job searching. By providing your CV online, thousands of employers can directly view your profile and interested parties will contact you directly.

Recruitment agencies require special consideration also and can save you valuable time in finding a suitable vacancy. The best agencies are the specialist recruiters so if you have a professional qualification or specialist knowledge or experience, you are strongly adviced to contact a specialist agency that cater for your field. Oftentimes, employers are exasperated when they are presented with unsuitable candidates. A specialist agency will save both you and the employer valuable time. The specialist recruuitment agency section lists hundreds of the main UK specialist agencies, categorised by job sector. You can search agencies by name, skill level or regional location.

Always remember, effective job hunting requires good planning, organization, persistence and patience; and you will need to call on all of these qualities before you land your ideal job.

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