UK Job Searching - Research Techniques
Advice on effective job search. UK researching of potential employers is vital for effective interviews. Researching employers arms you with valuable information on deciding which employers offer the best working environment and career progression.

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Researching Employers

Job search tips on effective searching with prior research of potential UK employers

Importance Of Researching

whether you are starting out in work or seeking promotion in an estblished field, you should already have decided on the key objectives you wish to achieve as part of your broader career development. Hence when seeking a new job, you ought to begin by researching employers to assess their suitability.

You should consider aspects such as the size, environment, structure, goals and future plans of the company and decide if they are broadly in line with the needs of your own career aspirations and development. Also, by researching employers, you can decide how best you can bring your skills, experience and abilities to the benefit of an employer. Remember, this is primarily what they will be asking themselves of you initially and subsequently during the interview stage. Researching a company also sends a positive message that you are serious.

Where To Start Your Research

If you already have an established network in place, you will already have gathered much useful information on potential employers. If you do not have a network, see our networking section on how to cultivate and develop an effective network of contacts.

Useful starting points for researching employers include the the Yellow Pages and The Thomson Directory. You can also further your research by visiting potential employers' websites. Many will have printed material and brochures so it is a good idea calling by phone not just to acquire published material but also to get the name and title of the person dealing with recruitment. Simply explain that you are interested in working for the company and would like information about the company.

You can search for further information from Companies House, which provides a basic names and address index of companies, along with company details and chargeable documents and reports.

For those undergoing executive job search, UK sources on the internet offer more in-depth company information including comprehensive financial reports. Obviously, the more detailed your information on a company, the more leverage you have in presenting relevant experience, skills and achievements to the company.

If you already belong to a professional body, you may already be receiving regular specialist publications with news and developments of companies within your field. If you have a professional accreditation but not a member of any professional body, now is the time to join. Subscription for members are either at a reduced rate or free.

job searching advice about researching employers

Use your networks to research

Ask employers for brochures

Companies House offers useful information

Look in specialist publications in your research

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