This page contains the Professional CV Services policy statement. We are totally committed to protecting client data at all times as laid out in this policy statement using all available technological and legal methods.

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Our Policy

A - Privacy Statement Of Professional CV Services

Professional CV Services is committed to ensuring that at all stages, your privacy is safeguarded, in accordance with legislative guidelines under the Data Protection Act 1998. Our Privacy Policy, outlined below, explains procedures for using information you supply to us on our site, and how you can instruct us on limitations for use of this information

Information You Supply To Us
We assimilate information on personal details, previous employment history, education / training and any additional summaries in order for us to either draft your CV, cover letter or administer your form. This information is vital for us to produce effective, quality documents. It is stored on a confidential database with password protections, perused only by internal staff appointed to produce documents on your behalf. Manual documentation of finished documents are also stored in confidential files, accessed by authorised personnel of Professional CV Services.

Information will not be distributed to third party agencies. On occasions, Professional CV Services uses statistical analyses to monitor website usage with the view to enhancing our services. This information will not contain details, which can identify any individual to any third parties.

Credit Card And Payment Details
Payments for products are made via a secure line administered by Worldpay Ltd. Credit card payments are confidential to this agency and not accessed by Professional CV Services.

Secure Server Data Transfer Technology
All on-line data transfers on our site are protected from interception or intrusion using advanced data encryption technology.

Your Obligation
By submitting your information to us, you consent to use of that information as outlined in this policy. If the company alters its Privacy Statement, such changes will be posted on this page.

Links To Our Website
Our website is linked to other relevant sites. We are not responsible for the privacy statements of all sites that you visit via our links. The policy applies only to information collected on our website.

Your Comments
Professional CV Services welcome views about our privacy policy and website. If you would like to contact us, please send an e-mail to Online@professional-cv-services.co.uk or write to Professional CV Services, Giffin Business Centre, Giffin Square, London SE8 4RH  Tel: 020 8691 0099.

B - Terms And Conditions

Definitions Of Phrases And Titles Used On This Site
www.professional-cv-services.co.uk is the website owned and operated by the Professional CV Services, registered offices at Giffin Business Centre, Giffin Square, London SE8 4RH.

"Client" pertains to any individual who subscribes to the services and products offered on this site.

"CV/Resume/Curriculum Vitae" all pertain to documents specially compiled and produced by our consultants on our clients' behalf, specified as Standard, Targeted or Executive. These documents reflect clients' work history and the choice of document is solely the discretion of the client. Clients are expected to fully understand each type of document before undertaking purchase. Explanations of these documents are readily available on this site.

"Cover Letter" pertains to documents which in their entirety form a brief statement of introduction accompanying a CV/Resume/Curriculum Vitae. The choice of this type of document is solely the discretion of the client. Clients are expected to fully understand this type of document before undertaking purchase. Explanations of these documents are readily available on this site.

"CV Tutorial Manuals" pertain to documents which provide comprehensive tuition on effective CV writing using example case studies and in-depth analysis. Each case study compares initial raw data with a compiled version with detailed explanation along with a corresponding cover letter. The choice of this type of document is solely the discretion of the client. Clients are expected to fully understand this type of document before undertaking purchase. Explanations of these documents are readily available on this site.

"Form Administering" pertains to job application forms which we administer (fill) on behalf of clients. Clients may forward to us copies of forms to administer in the required format and in the manner which are clearly described on this site.

"Career Workshops" pertain to career empowerment workshops which Professional CV Services administer for individual clients as well as organizations. Booking details and arrangements are available on request.

"myDISCprofile Online Psychometric Tests" pertain to online personality tests available on this site. This service is provided in collaboaration with Axiom, the HR recruitment solutions provider.

Document Production Style And Format
All ordered documents are compiled in varying formats and styles, depending on the type of CV and individual case. All documents are compiled in United Kingdom English. If deemed desirable, all clients are expected to convert finished documents in the language of their choice, using appropriate software of their choice. All finished Documents are forwarded by email on completion.

Client Obligations For CV/Job Application Form Orders
All individuals undertake that information they submit for CV compilations and application form administering will not contain false, obscene, offensive or other defamatory material, or that which infringes the copyright, trademark rights and intellectual rights likely to damage the reputation of Professional CV Services.

Client Obligations For Career Workshop Classes
All private individuals and organizations wishing to attend career workshop classes undertake acceptance to pay a deposit for placements prior to commencement of classes. All clients further undertake that deposits are forfeited in the event of failure to attend classes.

Client Obligations For myDISCprofile Online Psychometric Test Service
All individuals undertake that when taking the myDISCprofile psychometric test online from this site, that Professional CV Services is totally absolved from whatever consequences arising from any decisions they make, or otherwise, as a result of testing on this site. Professional CV Services bears no responsibility for this said test, nor its results. Professional CV Services bears no responsibility for any influence test results may have upon users.

Client Indemnity
The client will indemnify and hold Professional CV Services harmless from any losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) resulting from use of this site's services and products offered via the site. Indemnity extends to any breach of the terms/conditions, or uploading/downloading/reproduction of contents/data from this site or any third party site or any other online service.

Unlawful Or Prohibited Use Of This Website
Clients may only use this site for the purposes under which they subscribe to it. You may not use this site in any form, which could disable, overburden or damage the site or networks connected to it. You may not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the site, computer systems or networks connected to it, or attempt to obtain any material/information through any method not intentionally made available through the site.

Professional CV Services utilises outside agencies to monitor, track, trace, identify and convict any pepertrator of illegal activities on this website, be it of a hacking nature or any other serious undesirable activity.

The client expressedly acknowledges and agrees that use of this site is done at your own risk. The site is provided without warranty of any kind. Professional CV Services expressedly disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, that services will be error free. We make no representations regarding use of the site.

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