Comprehensive price listing for CVs, manuals and cover letters. Also workshop class prices covering, CV writing, job application forms, job search techniques, interview techniques, pychometric tests and stress management techniques.


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Price Structure

The following price structure represents the best value for money in the UK when weighed against the time, quality, care and professional expertise you will receive when you place an order, the same professionalism which won our staff recognition and praise with the CV Writers Award.

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Professional CVs And Cover Letter - For Compilation Delivery Price
Cover Letter 24 hours 10
Standard CV Format 24 hours 25
Targeted CV Format 24 hours 40
Executive CV Format 24 hours 70
Senior Executive CV Format 1 - 3 days 140
Consultative Executive CV Format 1 - 3 days 200
Job Application Forms Delivery Price
Standard Application Form 2 - 4 days 40
Targeted Application Form - [including skills based questions] 4 - 6 days 60
Executive Application Form 10 - 14 days 100
Graduate Services Delivery Price
Discounted Graduate Package 6 - 10 days 60
Discounted Undergraduate Package 4 - 6 days 59.99
CV Tutorial Manuals With Customised Cover Letter Manuals Delivery Price
Standard CV & Cover Letter Manual 24 hours 10
Targeted CV & Cover Letter Manual 24 hours 12
Executive CV & Cover Letter Manual 24 hours 15

Workshop Price Structure
Prices are as follows:

Career Empowerment Workshops [offline payments only-see details for bookings]
Course Information Price Structure [ per person ]
Module Duration Individuals Organizations
CV Writing 5 Hours 80 80
Application Forms 5 Hours 80 80
Job Search Methods 5 Hours 80 80
Interview Techniques 5 Hours 80 80
Psychometric Tests 5 Hours 80 80
Stress Management 5 Hours 80 80

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