Important tips on reading body language and the influence of gestures on how people judge others. Interpreting body language is something human beings make all the time, often sub-consciously but nevertheless, we judge others based on our interpretations. During a job interview the interviewer will be interpreting your body language. You should therefore have a good understanding of body langauge and try to adopt good ones during your interview so your gestures will be read positively.

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Reading and Interpreting Body Language

Tips and advice on body language and their importance in job interviews

Body language are signals we all exude, either consciously or sub-consciously and can help determine the outcome of an interview, depending on the impressions formed as a result of these gestures. In a job interview it is therefore important that you understand the importance of your gestures to the success of your interview. You should be aware of what positive body language to deploy and negative ones to avoid.

As mentioned in the section on interview questions to ask, the candidate most likely to win a job is the one who impresses the most at the interview. Exuding positive body language at an interview creates a positive impression, consolidating and affirming a professional and sound image in the mind of the interviewer.

In this section on reading body language, we highlight positive body language to adopt at an interview, along with bad signals that create negative body language, which you must avoid.

Some of these signals are obvious but others are more subtle and while you may not readily attribute any meaning to them, the interviewer will be interpreting body language you exude, either as good or bad.

While it is advisable to familiarise with both good and bad gestures, you should not adopt new gestures in a mechanical and cumbersome manner. Instead, be aware of them and adopt the ones that come naturally to you, while avoiding the bad gestures. Be confident and relaxed during your interview and your body will then naturally exude positive gestures.

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body language during a job interview

Human beings read gestures all the time and usually sub-consciously

Gestures are silent, often powerful signals without words but just as potent as any word

We make judgements on others based on how we interpret their gestures

Your gestures may confirm or contradict the information you give the interviewer during an interview

The key to good body language during interviews is to be yourself while remaining confident and calm

During interviews, adopt positive gestures that come naturally to you, rather than awkward and rehearsed mannerisms

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