Preparing For A Job Interview
Job interview preparation partly involves knowing what likely job interview questions interviewers commonly ask when interviewing candidates. We also show examples of questions you ought to ask in job interviews. Finally, when preparing for an interview, you ought be aware of the importance of your body language and we cover this area in detail. Essential advice for jobs and career advancement.

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Job Interview Questions - Essential Preparation

Tips and advice - preparing for a job interview

When preparing for job interview questions, you should be mindful of the opportunity interviews offer for you to present yourself professionally and show you are the right person for the job. The key to successful job interviews is confidence in yourself, your ability to do the job and the ability to project that confidence during an interview, in a relaxed and calm manner.

Know The Type Of Job Interview Questions You May Be Asked

In this section on job interviews we explain positive interview techniques to adopt along with some of the cardinal pitfalls to avoid at all cost in the interview tips page. Good interview preparation involves anticipating likely questions you will encounter. This should enable you to prepare suitable answers in your mind beforehand and help you maintain your composure during the interview . We show you likely questions in our answers to job interview questions page.

Have Questions Of Your Own To Ask

Your interviewer will also expect you to have some questions of your own to ask. Inability to ask pertinent questions during job interviews can convey a lack of preparation and commitment on your part, not only in the job, but also in the company. We show how to avoid this trap with good questions to ask at job interviews.

Recognise The Importance Of Good Body Language During Interviews

Your body language can greatly influence the interviewer's overall picture of you and hence the success or otherwise of your interview. We cover this important subject and explain both positive body language to adopt along with the negative forms to avoid at all cost.

We also cover the important and sensitive subject of salary negotiations during interviews and conclude with a critical appraisal of job interview techniques using a sample of frequently asked questions on the subject.

Be Prepared For Personality And Aptitude Tests

Finally, good interview preparation ought to include consideration for a psychometric test prior to the interview, the reason being that most employment and recruitment firms now actively deploy them in their selection process and indeed, base some of their questions from what they reveal about candidates. Taking your own test before the interview will help you improve your CV by focussing more on your strengths. Furthermore, you will be better prepared to answer interview questions, including the tricky ones - you may be asked a question based on a perceived weakness from your report. Rather than being thrown back unawares, you can even use it constructivey to your advantage. This is because you will already have information about yourself similar to those which the interviewer may subsequently have at his / her disposal, should the employer ask you to undertake a test for them.

Ultimately, you are trying to sell yourself and your skills. Being confidently at ease with yourself during job interviews is a potent and compelling selling point in itself. By answering questions confidently, you will have a better chance of winning jobs.

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preparing for a job interview

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Tips on salary negotiation during an interview

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