Preparation For Likely Questions
List of sample job interview questions commonly asked by recruitment and employment firms. Each sample question is pertinent and intended to glean more about you. Prepare intelligent answers for each sample interview question as they apply to your situation in relation to the particular jobs and careers you are seeking. There are samples of other similar questions available but they are all similar to the examples listed, which should give you a good idea of what to expect.

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Sample Job Interview Questions

Guide on questions to expect at a job interview with samples of common questions

There Are No Trick Questions!

The interviewer will have a range of sample job interview questions to ask you, some will be in relation to the job but others will be more on you. Interview questions are intended to find out more about you as an individual and a professional within your field; what makes you tick and what kind of person you are generally. Most importantly, do bear in mind that interviewers actually want you to succeed and there are no trick questions intended to unsettle you.

If you were an employer you will naturally want to know things about the candidate that will benefit your company. Is the candidate motivational, a leader, strong willed, competitive, assertive, a forward thinker or a lateral thinker; and so on.

Be Prpared For Questions Based On Your Psychometric Test Report

As previously mentioned, many employers will draw information from psychometric tests and some of their questions will come from your report, that is if they conducted a test with you. See the section on having your own psychometric test prior to an interview. This section highlights the importance of knowing your own profile report before interviews for better performance and enhanced CVs (resumes).

Expect The Unexpected

During job interviews, you should be prepared to answer any type of question from the interviewer and also expect the unexpected question. As always, one of the most important elements of a successful job interview is to answer questions positively in a calm and relaxed manner. Try to turn any question to your advantage by aligning it positively to your strengths and aims.

Although the interviewer is keen to hear positive answers from you, your body language will either affirm or contradict your answers, so be sure to read the importance of good body language during a job interview.

Example Questions
  • What type of person are you ?
  • How would your best friend describe you ?
  • Why did you apply for the job ?
  • How can you help improve this organization ?
  • What is your biggest weakness ?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
  • What difference can you bring to this job
  • Why do you want to leave your current employment ?

People whose core personalities and strengths are in tune with their careers are more fulfilled and tend to excel more. Discover your ideal work style with the popular online 15 minute myDISCprofile  personality test.


sample job interview questions commonly asked by interviewers

Questions are not intended to unsettle you

Interviewers want you to succeed

Questions my arise from your psychometric test report

Be ready to deal with any unexpected questions in a calm and positive manner

try to turn unexpected questions to your advantage during your job interview

when seeking jobs, be aware of the importance of good and bad body language during interviews

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