Job interview tips focusing on examples of good interview conventions to adopt along with the bad ones you must avoid during the interviewing process. Vital advice for jobs and career progression. Employment and recruitment firms expect you to follow these job interview tips.

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Job Interview Tips

Useful tips on how to conduct yourself at a job interview

The job interview is an opportunity for both you and the employer to appraise and learn more about each other. First impressions are extremely important so you must project a positive image from the onset. A confident, positive and crisp manner is vital.

The interviewer has no intentions to unruffle you or trip you up with trick questions. He or she simply wish to view you in person and to find out what benefits and qualities you can impart on the company. Obviously, they will also be seeking to satisfy themselves that your skills and experience match the job spec.

Similarly, during interviews, rather than being defensive or timid, you should have an objective view on how the company can benefit you; and you should already have done your research on the company when you first applied for the job.

The essential key to interviews is simply being yourself throughout the whole time, and confidently so. You should be mindful of the fact that the employer will be assessing how well you will 'fit in' within the company and how well you are likely to 'get on' with colleagues on an interpersonal as well as professional level.

However, carrying yourself confidently in an assured manner is all well and good, there are still some basic job interview conventions which you should be aware of. The following tips highlight pitfalls to avoid along with positive ones to adopt.

Good Interview Do's
  • Research the organization
  • Prepare questions to ask to show you are keen about the job and company
  • Be on time for the interview
  • dress appropriately
  • Find out the interviewer's name
  • don't be nervous, just be yourself
  • conduct yourself politely
  • Make steady eye contact
  • Send a typed interview thank you letter briefly re-emphasising your skills
Bad Interview Don'ts
  • Do not make statements that cannot be substantiated
  • Do not be critical or judgemental about current or previous colleagues and employers
  • Do not procastinate in answering interview questions
  • Do not take your seat until you are asked to do so
  • Do not assume a slouching posture while seated !!
  • Don't be negative
  • Avoid slangs and worn cliches
  • Don't discuss your hobbies unless asked

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job interview tips on good and bad interviewing conventions

Research the employer before the interview

Prepare relevant questions to ask

Ensure you arrive well ahead of the appointed time

Dress appropriately and professionally

Never give information which you cannot substantiate

Answer questions crisply and to the point

Sit comfortably with an upright posture

Only mention hobbies if asked

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