Reading Good Human Body Language
Continuing on the theme of human body language and how to read body language that are good, thereby avoiding gestures that others might use to judge us unfavourably, especially at crucial times like job interviews.

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How To Read Good Body Language

Guide on how to read positive human body language and their importance at a job interview

Positive human body language are those gestures, common to all of us which we use to re-enforce positively how we feel and what we are saying. They are universally perceived as good, genuine and virtuous and by deploying them at a job interview, you do your cause no harm while positively affirming the qualities and strengths you highlighted in your CV. In all likelihood, the interviewer will know how to read body language and he or she will be reading your gestures, consciously and sub-consciously.

Re-enforce Your CV Profile With Good Human Body Language

All the good selling points and strengths highlighted on a CV only point to a person on paper. The interviewer wants to see the real you - in the flesh. He or she wants to know among other things whether you will get on with others within the company apart from fulfilling the job competently. A confident, friendly and attentive manner with sound inter-personal and communication skills will go a long way in convincing the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the post. Some of the interviewer's assessment of you may be at a subconscious level and your body language, may to some extent be a contributory factor.

We all make judgements about other people, sometimes subconciously. That is why we take a liking, dislike or even mistrust of a new acquaintance, often without knowing why. At such times much of the computation is done subconsciously, aided by the body language of the person in question.

Only Use Body Language That Feels Natural To You!

You are not required to adopt any form of gesture if it feels unlike you, otherwise it may exude outwardly in a manner you never intended! Adopt positive gestures that are natural to you and not seemingly rehearsed or mechanical. Just be yourself, stay relaxed and confident. In a job interview these attributes will exude naturally in your body language. Being yourself and being at ease with yourself is a potent and compelling selling point!

The following list highlights some good human body language well worth adopting both during your interview and after:

Positive Body Language To Adopt
  • walk briskly
  • hold head up !!
  • hold shoulders upright
  • keep posture erect
  • make firm handshake
  • hold steady eye contact
  • open arms/palms
  • plant both feet on the floor

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how to read human body language at a job interview

Be sure your body language is clear to the interviewer and yourself

Exhibiting positive human body language can contribute to the outcome of your job interview

Walk purposefully and briskly when you arrive at the appointed time of your interview

Keep your head held up at all times

Be sure to hold your shoulders upright

Ensure you maintain an upright and erect posture

Make sure your handshake with the interviewer is firm

Maintain steady eye contact with those conducting the interview

Try to be youself and maintain a confident, assured manner throughout the interview

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