Salary negotiation tips with useful advice on how to conduct salary negotiations both during job interviews and other times. As the cost of living index rise, make sure your wages are on scale with the industry average for your field. Career salaries require regular reviews and the onus is on you, the employee to ensure your pay is on par with your worth.

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Salary Negotiations

Useful salary negotiation tips on how to initiate a pay rise

Never underestimate the strengths and abilities you render within a job. A professional and dedicated approach towards both your job and long term career development dictates that you should negotiate regular salary negotiations without embarrassment, whether you are already in a current job or in the process of securing one at a job interview.

There are important lessons to observe when conducting salary negotiations, either in a current or vacant job. Either way, you should start preparing your case by researching the industry salary average in your field. Look in the recruitment and employment section of the major newspapers and online job sites. After preparing your case, you can then initiate salary negotiations with your boss.

Salary Negotiation During Job Interviews

Do not initiate salary negotiations or mention anything regarding salaries during your job interview until the job is offered. If asked beforehand, politely decline. Explain that until your responsibilities are explained, you cannot make a meaningful suggestion, but will consider a reasonable offer. Remember the importance of positive body language during the interview.

If during your interview you are given a firm offer and prompted for a figure, suggest a range rather than an actual figure, allowing both you and the employer room to manoeuvre. When you reach an agreement, ensure that you receive a written contract with the details of your remit, including the agreed salary/benefits package.

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salary negotiation tips for both during and after interviews

Do not feel embarrassed to initiate salary negotiations with your employer

Do not mention salary negotiation during interviews unless the interviewer initiates the subject

The vast majority of employees who ask for a pay rise get it

Before conducting salary negotiations, research the industry average

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