Cheap International Student Health Insurance
Information on specialized international student health insurance plans.

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Cheap International Student Health Insurance

Advice On Travel & Health Related Insurance Plans For International College Students

When studying in a foreign country, you will require international student health insurance to cover against the risk of sickness and travel related eventualities. This is an absolute necessity.

No student studying abroad would wish to become ill or be involved in an accident and then worry about medical bills, away from family. International student health insurance provide professional medical care and treatment for students whilst studying in foreign countries. To cover these eventualities, international student health insurance offer students and parents alike peace of mind. Essentially, there are two types of protection available:

The Travel Medical Coverage

This covers for periods ranging from one week up to one full year. Substantial funds are made available under this plan, up to 1 million dollars.

Repatriation Insurance Cover

This protection plan covers for repatriation and additional eventualities including dangerous sports and accidental death. Funds cover for costs of repatriating the student back to his or her country, when other funds are unavailable.

There are a multitude of insurance companies that provide cover with a broad range of flexible plans. The first step is to assess and identify your real needs and the full range of eventualities you may wish to include in your cover. Then look for a protection plan that best match your requirements.

You should discuss the matter with your parents or guardian and make sure that you are covered before taking up your studies abroad.

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