UK Government Student Loans
Advice and information on UK Government student loans. Covers types of loans, how they are managed and the conditions under which uk govt student loans are intended to be repaid.

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Government Student Loans UK

Advice On Government Student Loans In The UK

If you are resident in Britain you are eligible to apply for a government student loan, repayable once you graduate, at a rate depending on your earnings.

The size of loan which you are entitled to will depend on the course you are studying, where you are living, your individual circumstances and. your parents' or spouse's income.

There are various types of government student loans. UK full-time students can apply for:-

  • Tuition fee loans to pay for tuition fees
  • Maintenance loans to pay for living expenses
  • Grants to pay for living expenses
  • Bursaries and scholarships from universities and colleges

Additional benefits are available for students with children or adult dependants, or with a physical disability or specific learning difficulty.

The majority of students receive the tuition and maintenance loans and qualify for 75% of the maximum loan. Additional benefits are income assessed. These loans attract minimal interest and are pegged with the rate of inflation to ensure repayment costs reflect the borrowed sum.

Government student loan payments are issued in instalments, by cheque at the beginning of each term, with subsequent payments at the beginning of each term.

Repayment of government student loans in the UK begins following graduation when the student is in paid employment, earning over 15000 per annum. The repayment amount is governed by your income.

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