UK Direct Student Loan Consolidation
Advice and information on UK student loans refinance schemes. For students facing deferrment or default in the UK, student loan debt consolidation is a viable solution to managing your debt.

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UK Student Loan Debt Consolidation

Advice On UK Student Loan Refinance Options

The UK has one of the highest living costs in the entire world. Without adequate management of one's finances, it is all too easy to enter into a spiral of debt. This creates bad credit ratings which in turn makes securing a low interest loan difficult.

Debt Consolidation Offers A Way Out

Many UK lenders have student schemes whereby you consolidate all your debts into one manageable loan. Lenders offer the option of repayment directly from your employer or from your bank account. This way, you reduce all your multiple monthly repayments under one umbrella, saving you the hassle of managing multiple lenders.

Securing a consolidation loan from a reputable lender (approved by the Financial Services Authority) can actually save you money because you likely receive your loan at a lower rate of interest. It is therefore very important that you secure the services of an approved and reputable lender.

The first step is to find out your true credit rating from Equifax. Check out credit repair companies; they can help improve your credit rating. In The UK, student loan debt consolidation provides a realistic path towards better debt management, leading to repair of students' bad credit ratings.

The financial services industry provides a regulated student loan debt consolidation service. UK Financial Services Authority is the body that regulates the financial services industry. Make sure your potential lender is approved by the FSA. Contact the FSA via their website.

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