Career Management Services - Forms Programme
Another feature of our career management services training programme, addressing important issues and skills in the UK recruitment and employment markets. Our application form workshops teaches clients how to effectively complete UK job application forms. As with our other workshop courses, these skills are important for developing and enhancing careers and prospects. The workshop shows how to answer questions with appropriate information.

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Job Application Form Workshops

Part of our career management services programme designed to Improve your ability to complete job application forms effectively

These short training courses explore essential techniques for completing job application forms, whether they are in the standard, targeted, or Executive formats.

The seminars are designed to accommodate maximum eight clients at any one time, working through varied modules, incorporating group and individual exercises. Facilitated by professionals, the classes are useful for employees of medium and large corporations who wish to either pursue or change careers due to redundancies. The programme is also ideal for training providers wishing to either enhance their advisory skills for delivering employability programmes, or for clients seeking jobs.

As with our other career management service training programmes, application form workshops can be purchased as either an independent unit, or as part of a combination within our workshop programme.

Course Structure

The Recruitment Pack

We examine the key elements of a standard recruitment pack issued to a candidate applying for a particular post. Recruitment packs vary in documentation, depending on the type of information the employer wants to glean from the person.

The Job Description

One of the key elements of a recruitment pack, necessary to determine whether or not a person is suitable for a particular post. We examine the terminologies used to describe remits / duties, analyse the skills a person has to match these remits and assess whether or not it is worthwhile applying for the job.

The Person Specification

Another key element and equally important as the Job Description. We again examine terminologies used to describe "essential" criteria as against "desirable" criteria and assess the person's skills in matching these specifications, and whether or not it is worthwhile applying for the job.

The Actual Form

We highlight the standard sections of an application form. This module includes a high volume of group exercises on application form writing and collective appraisals. We also relate the "techniques" involved in filling in successful applications, use of language, relevant information, and how to highlight skills to match the job description / person specification.

Accompanying Documentation

A brief overview as to formalities involved in managing and completing accompanying documentation and reasons these might be important to an employer.

career management services programme on job application form workshops

The Recruitment Pack

The Job

The Person Specification

Effective Interview Techniques

The Actual Form

Accompanying Documentation

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