Part of our career transition services training programme, the CV writing workshops teach important skills necessary for effective CV presentation. Vital for career progression as well as success in the job, recruitment and employment markets.

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CV Writing Workshops

Part of our career transition services programme designed to Improve your CV writing and job prospects

These courses center on effective methods of writing CVs for maximum impact in a fiercely competitive job market. The programme utilises the latest audio-visual material to assist learning. Each client is individually assessed to ascertain his or her level of proficiency in CV writing. This programme, along with all the other units within our Workshops, usually run between four to six hours over the course of a single day.

The classes are designed for a maximum number of eight clients at any one time. Devised and facilitated by professionals, the workshop is particularly ideal for employees of medium to large corporations seeking employment following redundancies. The course is also ideal for training providers seeking to enhance and update skills for delivering employability programmes.

As with all the other workshops, the CV writing course can be purchased as an independent unit, or as part of a combination package within our workshop programme.

Course Structure

Basic Rules

Including standard practices in lay-out and design of your document, use of language, editing and presenting information. Basic rules apply regardless of the type of CV you wish to produce Standard, Targeted or Executive.

Key Elements Explained

Every CV contain key elements to highlight particular skills or educational training suitable to the job you are applying for. Professional CV Services provides guidance on these elements and explains why they are important within current recruitment and selection procedures.

Lay-out / Design

In many instances, persons have substantial skills, yet their CVs are eliminated immediately if the document is not presented in an attractive manner. We offer tips on how to catch the employer's attention and stimulate interest in your CV by using effective presentation. You do not have to be a graphic designer to understand and utilise lay-out / design formats. We take you through the use of Information Technology and Word for Windows features to produce a competitive CV, examining font type / size, paragraphs etc., "white space" for information to be easily and quickly absorbed.

Use Of Language

Again, in many instances, most people do not "sell their skills" on their CVs. Regardless of your substantial skills, if the CV is poorly written, you run the risk of immediate elimination. Use of language is the most powerful tool in CV writing. Replacing a long sentence with fewer words or replacing one word with another can make a difference.

CV language differs from everyday language. There are numerous "buzz" words which psychologically impresses the employer as he / she reads the document. We use interactive group exercises to demonstrate this element.

Standard vs Targeted

Explains the difference between writing a Standard and Targeted document. Professional CV Services will illustrate circumstances in which each type of document is used for any one person.

Individual Assessments

Like in all workshop settings, every client has his / her own particular needs. The CV writing workshops are structured to accommodate individual consultation after the sessions have been completed. This is a chance for persons to raise their own questions, review draft CVs and perhaps exchange information.

CV writing workshops form part of our series of UK career transition and development services

Rules and Conventions Explained

Highlights Key Elements of CV Writing

Presentation and Design Issues

How To Sell Your Skills

Effective Use Of Language

CV Writing Styles

Individual Assessments

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