Interview Career Workshops
Our career workshops series on job interview technique. Seminars cater for both non executive and executive. Workshops cover all the essential areas of interviews. vital for career progression, good interview techniques are a pre-requiste for advancement in all job, recruitment and employment markets.

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Job Interview Workshops

Our interview workshops will help improve your performance

The job interview technique training sessions are highly interactive, using audio-visual aides and "role play" anecdotes to explore how a job applicant attends a successful interview by applying certain techniques. By far, the Interview Technique Workshop is the most intensive of our programmes because it involved aural, active issues as against writing.

The programme accommodates a maximum of eight individual clients at any one time, working through varied modules, incorporating group and individual exercises. Facilitated by experienced HR professionals, classes are ideal for all staff members, including executives as well as non executive employees of medium to large organisations in search of new employment opportunities or careers following redundancies. The course is also ideal for training providers, as are our other career workshops.

The interview workshop can be purchased as an independent unit, or as part of a combination package within our workshop programme.

Course Contents

Case Studies / Shared History

From the offset, the workshop engages clients to participate aurally, testing their presentation skills in front of a group of people by relating their experiences of "bad" interviews they have attended in the past, and reasons they believe they were not successful in being selected to the post. There is group analysis on each presentation.

Key Elements For A Successful Interview

We examine how crucial it is to identify good interview techniques from bad ones, looking at body language, how people respond to interview questions, and the type of image being portrayed by signs which, though may appear mundane and inconsequential, can impact significantly upon an interviewer.

We also examine the advent of telephone interviewing, which is becoming more important within the labour market, how to make the right impression with your voice, and the difference between personal and telephone interviews.

Mock Interviewing

An important and inter-active element of this workshop. Clients are divided into mini-groups to appoint interviewees / interviewers and draft a standard interview procedure for any post. The interviews are video-recorded and roles exchanged.

Appraisal sessions

Video-recorded interviews are appraised by all clients, identifying positive and negative issues.

Individual consultation

The above procedures and mock session gives our clients the opportunity to speak to our consultants about any remaining issues they would like clarified.

job interview technique career workshops catering for executives and non executive staff

Interactive Case Studies of Individual Experiences

Identification of Positive Techniques

Identification of Negative Techniques

Importance of Body Language

Mock Interview Sessions

Appraisals and Discussions

Individual Consultation and Briefing

training sessions ideal for director level and executive - workshops cover good interview techniques and body language
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