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An important part of our career services training programme, the job search workshops offer vital skills for effective job searching in the UK. These skills are indispensable for developing and enhancing careers. The workshop shows ways of harnessing vacancy searching techniques for success in the UK job, recruitment and employment markets.

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Job Search Workshops

This workshop programme will help boost your job searching skills

These sessions involve a comprehensive overview of the key elements of effective job searching. They include :

1.  Identifying suitable jobs
2.  Appraising suitability of particular jobs
3.  Researching the job market
4.  Recruitment / selection procedures
5.  Effective methods of applying to specific vacancies

The workshops are designed to accommodate a maximum of eight clients per session. Facilitated by professionals, the sessions are useful for employees of large corporations who undertake job search actives as result of mass redundancies, or training providers wishing to either enhance their skills for delivering employability programmes, or for other clients seeking jobs.

As with all the others, job searching workshops can be purchased as either an independent unit, or as part of a combination within our workshop programme.

Course Structure

Effective Job Search

We demonstrate the different types of job search techniques available to clients. We also examine and compare "traditional" job search methods such as newspapers, CVs, cover letters and application forms, with modern "technological" techniques which primarily focus on the internet with powerful online database search features. Clients can decide the types of searching techniques most suitable for their own particular needs and learn fundamental rules on how to conduct searches both effectively and efficiently.

Analysing the advertisement

This is the most important element when searching for vacancies. By reading advertisements in detail, clients determine how suitable they are for the positions, whether or not they want to go ahead and apply, even if they do not have all the requirements stipulated in the advertisements. It is important to analyse ads properly to avoid wasting precious time and resources in applying for particular positions, when in reality, they have minimal chance of being short-listed.

Effective methods of applying for appropriate vacancies

Professional CV Services offers other comprehensive workshops on CV writing and Application Forms as separate units in our workshop programme. However, within the Job Search sessions, clients are given basic tips on how to write their CVs, application forms and cover letters. The use of language and lay-out are explained for all three types of documents.

Individual consultation

There are opportunities at the end of each workshop for clients to focus on their own particular needs and identify their own strengths / weaknesses for further consultation with the company.

this page features our career services UK job search workshops training programme

Identifying Suitable Job Vacancies

Appraising Suitabililty of Vacancies

Researching The Job Market

Applying For Specific Job Vacancies

Preparing For The Recruitment and Selection Process

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