Modern Psychometric Tests Examined
Another key part of our career development training programme centers on psychometric tests. In these classes, we examine the key elements of personality profiling and aptitude tests; and also look at the reasons for the rapid rise in their importance within modern recruitment and employment.

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Psychometric Test Workshops

Online Testing

The psychometric assessment seminars complement our comprehensive online resource on psychometric assessment. This resource provides the opportunity to take a personality test online. The results, given in the form of detailed reports, highlight personality profiles, individuals' strengths, core motivations and preferred work style patterns! The importance and major benefits of personality profile reports can be found in the psychometric resources section of this site which details the universally accepted myDISCprofile personality assessment, available online.

In-House Seminars

Psychometric testing is widely used by employers to recruit / select suitable candidates for particular vacancies, in addition to more traditional methods, such as submitting application forms or CVs. There are two main types of tests available. One measures intelligence and aptitudes, and the other, personality tests, measure individuals' personalities and predict their likely behaviour towards others. Employers use the results to assess candidates' suitablity to prescribed job vacancies. When you are asked to take a test, the employer can glean how you will be able to work effectively under certain circumstances, such as extreme stress, within team settings, or how well you apply presence of mind.

In these seminars, we take a close look at the main features of this relatively new and widely accepted concepted discipline, teaching clients the main aspects of an area often clouded with obscure terminologies.

The workshops are designed to accommodate a maximum of eight clients per session, working through varied modules, incorporating group and individual exercises. Facilitated by experienced professionals, the sessions are useful for clients facing redundancies, or training providers wishing to either enhance their skills for delivering employability programmes, or for other clients seeking jobs.

As with our other career development courses, these sessions can be purchased as either an independent unit, or as part of a combination within our workshop programme.

Structure Of Our Psychometric workshop

The Concept

We explore the reasons psychometric testing is becoming an essential tool for recruitment / selection and origins of such non-traditional methods.


We examine the key terminologies used in psychometric testing. For instance, what is an assessment? What is an assessment centre? What is character analysis, and so forth. At the end of this section, clients will become familiar with a range of terminologies being used to administer the test.

Different Types Of Testing

This section will examine the two main elements of psychometric assessment, the Aptitude and CVs For Dummies as well as varied types being administered by employers, depending on the type of job you are applying for. We also analyse how each test is used to determine your suitability for that job.

The Aptitude Test In Detail

Clients will examine the Aptitude test, normally comprising questions on verbal reasoning, numeracy or related abilities. The session incorporates an informal "practice" exam, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

The Personality Test

Again, we examine the key elements of the Personality Test, aimed at measuring your own characteristics in dealing with certain situations, such as working under stress, coping with your emotions and how well you relate to colleagues. The session also incorporates an informal "practice test", lasting approximately 30 minutes.


We discuss in smaller group units, the contents of the workshops, and then re-group to evaluate the overall impact of psychometric testing, analysing at least two clients' results and identifying difficulties with absorbing the concept. There is time also for individual consultation by trained facilitators, working to British Psychology Society standards.

psychometric tests workshops facilitating personality and aptitude testing programmes for job seekers

Examination of Test Concepts

Examination of Terminologies

Types of Tests Available

Examination of Aptitude Testing

Examination of Personality Assessment

Overall Evaluation and Overview

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