Stress Management Training
At our centre for stress management training, we examine one of the major problems people face daily in the western world. Our stress management workshops begin by identifying stressors, then examines the problem through individual assessments. This stress management training course concludes with close examination of effective strategies and techniques for managing stressful situations, both in the workplace and at home.

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Stress Management Workshops

This professional stress management training workshop is designed to help you manage stress effectively

These sessions are devised to identify different types of personal and professional stress which might affect a person's ability to perform well within the workplace. The stress management technique workshops provide effective methods of managing negative stress and are ideal for employees and employers alike, regardless of their position or level of responsibility.

The classes are designed to accommodate up to eight clients, working through varied modules, incorporating group and individual exercises. The sessions are extremely useful for job seekers, employees facing redundancy and training providers wishing to enhance their skills.

As with our other career development workshops, the sessions can be purchased either as an independent unit, or as part of a combination within our workshop programme.

Course Structure

Defining And Identifying Stressful Conditions & Their Triggers

We start by taking a look at both positive and negative stress and identify the reasons people become stressed within the workplace or in their personal life.

Individual Assessment Of Stress Factors

Each client is prompted to analyse and assess his or her stress level. Individual assessment can be done within the group discussion or, if the client is uncomfortable sharing personal information, in confidence with one of our trained personnel.

Deploying Effective Strategies

Here, we explore the concept of "positive" and "negative" stress in work and within one's private life, and examine techniques for managing and containing the problem effectively. We also discuss how to change our patterns of working to minimise and manage stress-inducing tensions, such as chasing deadlines, rushing from one place to another or forgetfulness.

Time Management

We can reduce stress and its harmful effects significantly by learning to manage our time better, not only in work but also in our private life. Clients are prompted to discuss typical scenarios in which they believe they have increased their stress levels, and propose techniques for identifying practical time management strategies for controlling stress.

Physical Relaxation Techniques

This section of the workshop concentrates on relaxation of the physical self as an essential means of stress management. Clients will be prompted to participate in basic physical exercise, relaxing the body through breathing techniques, meditation, posture and related techniques to calm the mind.

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Identification of Stressful Factors (Stressors)

Individual Assessment for Managing Stress

Effective Strategies for Containment

Applying Time Management Techniques

Psychometric Assessment

Physical Relaxation Strategies

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